Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A thought came to me yesterday, as I listened for the upteenth time to the excruciatingly disgusting sound of Hillary Clinton’s voice as she shamelessly pandered to the black Alabama audience, taking advantage of a situation about which she had no personal involvement, no personal interest and no personal connection other than using the occasion to finesse votes.

It occurred to me that Hillary Clinton, typical of the liberal extreme she so perfectly exemplifies, is a chameleon. She changes her appearance, her sound and her demeanor to fit whatever segment of American society she’s seeking to seduce.

The more I thought about that, the more I began to realize the essence of the Hillary Clinton (“If you can’t stand me, here’s Bill. Remember Him? He was one o’ y’all”) campaign: a chameleon, no matter how successful it might be at disguising itself to look like something or someone else, when all is said and done, down deep it’s still nothing more than a cold blooded reptile. It still slithers across the ground and wallows in the slime of its primordial (make that political) past.

In calculated and consistent fashion, Hillary Clinton is destined to maintain this malevolent masquerade. There’s an ominous cloud looming over the United States of America, threatening BLACK & BLUE to consume our beloved RED, WHITE & BLUE.


Lucy said...

So, if I understand you correctly, you would NOT vote for Hillary?

Jan in PA said...

Yes, but you have to focus on what's really, REALLY important: She no longer wears those stupid headbands.