Friday, April 27, 2007


Members of the United States Congress hold themselves to standards they would have us all believe are of the highest caliber of humanity. In the same vein, they exempt themselves from "high crimes and misdemeanors" the commission of which by any one of us ordinary citizens would result in fines, imprisonment and even the death penalty. I say the time is long overdue to revisit these loopholes of politics and examine the absence of accountability when those "honorable gentlemen" at the highest levels who we trust to serve and protect us as a nation exhibit blatant conduct that jeopardizes not only every American citizen at home and abroad, but the men and women in uniform who willingly sacrifice to preserve the American way of life.

When the Senate Majority Leader pulls a stunt that's tantamount to the likes of Hanoi Jane, the abuse of political power has so overextended the limits of propriety that such heinous acts must be brought to justice. Such atrocities invalidate the spirit and the letter of the law with regard to immunity from prosecution for nothing less than acts amounting to wartime treason.

Speaking the title 'Senator' and the name 'Harry Reid' in the same breath leaves not only a nasty taste in one's mouth, but in light of his openly encouraging our terrorist enemies by proclaiming that President Bush has "lost the war in Iraq," is--to say the least--a reprehensible insult to efforts of the thousands of American military forces already in harm's way. Giving our adversaries cause to believe they have gained the upper hand is an act of treason that demands justice...swift and sure, commensurate with the premeditated, purely political poison. What was perpetrated for the primary purpose of precipitating presidential pressure caused collateral damage that will immeasurably increase the lingering level of liability.

Abuse of position for personal (albeit political) gain, betrayal of the public trust and aiding and abetting the enemy are crimes that call for court martial in the case of a member of the US armed forces. Why should members of Congress be held to any less??

I'm sure Harry Reid is receiving tacit thanks from terrorists around the world and in and around the Iraq Green Zone in particular. Who wouldn't want such a propaganda pal? The blood of every American fighting man and woman since he uttered those words is on your hands, Harry Reid. I hope he can sleep better now, and if he can hold his head up with pride for having said this terrible thing, he is no better than the evil-doers he has emboldened.

Harry Reid is the latest poster child for the Pox that is Politics. He has earned his fifteen seconds of shame. And we're all paying for it.

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