Sunday, August 20, 2006


That's what we're dealing with right now, people. Liberals and/or democrats have "shamed" our country into assuming that our enemies, terrorists--without without national sanction, national identity or national boundaries—warrant the respect and protection of the Geneva Convention governing their treatment as prisoners of war. That’s a fool’s argument, since our enemies are neither honorable nor respectable. They use children as shields. They consider killing innocent civilians a means to their evil end, and by their cowardly nature they themselves consider the rules that bind us to be the very weakness that will help them defeat us. They certainly have no intention of honoring either the spirit or the letter of the law with regard to adversarial encounters. Their aim is to kill each and every one of us, whether onsie-twosie or by the thousands. Every leniency we afford them is nothing less than aiding and abetting their genocidal agenda.

War is not the stuff of dinner table conversations and bedtime stories. It’s nasty, it’s mean, it’s ugly (particularly as illustrated by those rabid for our annihilation). It’s the shame the media don’t have the conscience and patriotism to refuse to air our military’s dirty linens for all the world to see. If I didn’t know better (and I truly DON’T), I’d think the media, fueled by the foaming-at-the-mouth liberals, longs for our defeat for the simply stupid satisfaction of saying “I told you so.” It’s almost like for the media to win, we have to lose. And every chance they get, they show our weaknesses, our failures and our “inhumanity to man.” They glorify our enemies and paint them as unwitting victims.

If we’re to win this war, and I believe it IS a war that we deserve to win, as much for those who innocently died on 9/11 and events before and after that are symptoms of the worst disease our people and our nation have ever known as for our children and grandchildren who, God willing, will continue to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Though now, those inalienable rights are no longer guaranteed. They must be fought for and protected every second of every day.

Our military is facing the greatest challenge in our history, up against enemies that scurry like roaches in the night, whose ideology is that of madmen. And as the subject of this post illustrates, if you send a mad dog to obedience school, he might learn a few manners, but, after all is said and done, he’ll still be a mad dog. And mad dogs don’t deserve to be treated like their normal, sane counterparts. To defeat our enemy, we have to fight them on their barbaric level. We cannot deal either diplomatically nor in the traditional military manner with animals. To do so is to usher in our own peril. Either we fight fire with fire or we go down in flames. The Geneva Convention is now a part of history. Since 9/11, such doctrine can not be associated with the present and its possible reappearance in the future is doubtful at best.

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