Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rather than just sit around and grouse and grumble about the stupid things that make me want to scream, I've decided to let my hair down (pun intended, since my hair went south long ago) and free my mind of the clutter that makes it hard to think straight these days. So here goes!! In case it's not all that obvious, the title of my blog should let you know that, you're getting what I have to say whether you want it or not, and I wouldn't charge you even one red cent for what I think or have to say about whatever!

Blame it on the Media!!
Last time I checked, we were at war. How can you tell? Because the newspapers and radio and television bombard the senses with information better left unreported. Not only because it's stuff we don't necessarily want or need to hear, but because it obviously can and too often does put our longevity in jeopardy. How, you ask. Here's how.

1. Again, remember we ARE at war. One of the most ridiculous things I ever heard of was the concept of the "embedded reporter." That's liberal-speak for anti-administration spy. Not only do they even think once, much less twice, before they spew their sabotage to the winds, but could care less that what they "inform" might result in helping our enemies and putting our own troops at much greater risk than if they'd kept their mouths shut and their spin machines turned off. So much for the idea that what we don't know can't hurt us. What we learn from the media is rarely if ever good, helpful, or a source of truth. If ever there was a case for human shields, how about our troops on the front line with their "embedded cohorts" leading the way?!

2. Politics infects the masses. Both those inside and those on the outside intent on destroying peace, progress and prosperity, and for the sake of winning no matter the cost or the consequences. The politicians light the fires, but it's the media that throws gasoline on them! Too many times the lunatic left has been caught lying, stretching and inventing news to fit their agenda of destroying the reputation, record and respect of ourselves, our way of life and, disgracefully, our nation's leader. Bad news travels fast. Yeah, like nano-seconds fast. That's how long it takes to "enlighten" the world and make bad things worse. If it were up to me, the media would be shut down on covering the war, except to report on the surrender of the terrorists, or even better, reporting their obituaries. And as far as the politicians who leak detrimental details about our war effort and the "information" agencies that repeat them, I say they should all be given swift trials, convict them of treason and either hang them of let them stand before firing squads. Come on, people!! We're at WAR!!! Show me the media and I'll show you unchecked, unmonitored and unmitigated Weapons of Mass Destruction!!!

Okay, I'm better now. If you agree, here's a cyber high-five back atcha! If not, I'd love to hear what you've got to say. Yeah, really!


e4c5 said...

A penny for your thoughts....just kidding.

Can't disagree with you, at least not completely. But this war really does suck. And it does seem king of quagmirish.

Did you know pennies might be discontinued due to the high cost of making them?

Lucy said...

I agree whole-heartedly on the media think. As far as I can see, they just about tell the terrorists how to attack us!!!