Thursday, November 30, 2006


Below are the top ten questions that Lawrence County, Missouri Circuit Judge Larry Meyer should be made to answer before being summarily removed from the bench for destruction of justice in sentencing 50-year-old Kenneth Slaght to probation following Slaght’s guilty verdict in the rape and sodomy of his 9-year-old grand-daughter:

10. Hey, Larry, did you forget to take your medication?

9. Have you sought psychiatric counseling for your misogyny thingy?

8. Was this some sort of sick joke, you know, a bet made after too many drinks?

7. Were you having a bad hair day or something?

6. Did you exceed your monthly jail cell allotment?

5. Forgot your hearing aid batteries—AGAIN—huh?!

4. Were you thinking, “She asked for it!?”

3. What if he’d killed her…what THEN?

2. Would you be as kind to your OWN grand-daughter?

1. What does Slaght have on YOU???

I never have trusted lawyers. And it’s instances such as this that make me doubt that there’s any semblance of logic, compassion or reason in those charged with guaranteeing JUSTICE FOR ALL.

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