Sunday, January 21, 2007


We made it through a rather tumultuous 2006 and we've unwrapped a new calendar that under ordinary circumstances would be filled with promise of prospective prosperity. However, an event of epidemic extreme has elevated the extent of election emergency. The Worst First Lady has made it clear she wants to be the Worst First Female President of the United States.

Shadowing the sleazy, still sticky steps of her felonious fellow former federal fast-talker, the scourge of the Senate has thrown her hideous hat into the ring, seeking the democratic nomination for president in the 2008 national election. We have enough to contend with trying to stabilize the Middle East and terminate terrorism. Her threat to the sanity and security of our nation and the entire world only multiplies the size of the lies we despise.

Having surreptitiously stolen all the smoke and mirrors the Clintons used to 'decorate' the White House, she has polished them and polluted them in sinister hopes of mesmerizing the masses into swallowing the swill she is sure to spew. The fate of our nation rests in whether 'Horrendous Hil' the Poison Pill' can infect enough susceptible voters into believing the self-inflicted diabolical delusions enough to actually vote for her.

Talk about an ugly American! If you look up the term on the internet, you'll see Hillary's picture as the poster child for the contemporary concept. For someone who has about as much credibility in the family values arena as Ozzie Osborne, her moral character speaks volumes in the hypocracy she wears like a badge of dishonor. And, if she remains true to Slick Willie's form, it's time to put the White House intern corps on full alert. Only now the blue dress will be on the other side of the sexual perversions.

Control of our national borders with Canada and Mexico is sure to intensify as we approach the battle of the ballots. But the significance will be fully felt only should the scariest scenario succeed and the She-Clinton pimp herself into the presidency. Americans, much like rats jumping overboard from a sinking ship, will pour over the borders to escape, much like lemmings rushing to a certain doom, the lesser of evils, to escape the Hillarization of America.

New York has suffered enough. First 9/11 and then Hillary. And now she wants to take her self-serving side show on the road and slither state to state. Hoping to be the 'darling of the democrats,' the best she will ever be is a political 'pox populi.'

Prepare for a 'transformation' that is about to unfold. Hillary will prove herself to be a consummate quick-change artist. She will say things we all want to hear. Perfectly pure politics is her plan: Promise until it hurts, and then laugh all the way to the bank, never looking back.

We're in bad enough shape as it is. Granted, President Bush hasn't been completely stellar in his handling of the wars in Iraq and against terrorism, but he's sincere, honest and dedicated. If we elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency, that will just add one more arch-enemy we'll have to combat. Doing so will end yet another, the ultimate legacy. Hillary Clinton in the White House will forever extinguish the flame of freedom, drown democracy and no longer will America be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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Let me see if I have this DO NOT like Hillary Clinton!