Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Separation of Church and State. Never has a concept been so blasphemously bastardized!! The vast majority of those who brandish it couldn’t articulate its significance to avoid being burned at the stake. Liberals/democrats are making a mockery of the very foundation of our nation by attempting to remove the concept of God from the principles of our existence as a free society.

Case in point (though there are more out there, but not even this one deserves acknowledgement, except to make my point:,2933,213404,00.html

I’m not going to preach to the choir by defining what the concept embodies. If you’re not sure, then check it out. You’ll be amazed when you learn the truth. So amazed that maybe you’ll realize how stupid the liberals/democrats are in their foaming-at-the-mouth fanaticism that has done wonders for our jihadist enemies and malcontents within our own ranks who are quick to criticize and condemn but unmovable when the situation calls for actually DOING something for their “cause” short of running their mouths ad nauseum.

Removing the word “GOD” from government establishments is playing right into the hands of our enemies. It makes the already weak vulnerable to ideological attack by those who despise freedom and abhor free society. But more basic than that, doing such a ridiculous thing has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the subject.

I for one am thankful to GOD that I was born in the United States of America, and I pray to GOD that we are able to maintain our way of life. And I hope to GOD that the day never comes when we stand with hands over hearts and pledge allegiance to the flag (something else that’s constantly under attack—where’s what used to be patriotism??), that we are forbidden from acknowledging GOD as our creator!!

And if it has to come down to it, if need be, let my epitaph read:

One who lived and died thankful to have


Lucy said...

How true, how true!

Donna said...

yes very true. Take a look at my blog entry from the 11th I think you might like it.`