Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Okay, enough already! How many times does it have to be said?? The Geneva Conventions DO NOT APPLY in an asymmetrical war!!! If you don’t understand that, then YOU need to stuff those rules of engagement into your pocket as your primary weapon of choice and go out hunting your enemy. Your chances of finding and defeating your enemy are pretty slim, since the guys you’re after play by their own rules: NO RULES!!

I have absolutely no doubt that the Islamic militants who are out to annihilate everyone on the face of the Earth but themselves are laughing all the way to the mosque, safe, secure and satisfied that we’re bound by rules that they haven’t the slightest intention to acknowledge, much less follow. How can following the Geneva Conventions possibly be an asset in our attempt to put an end to the madness?? Well, it is an asset—to our adversaries who are taking full advantage of this WEAKNESS in our resolve to win.

Roaches are crawling out of the woodwork from all quarters to attack President Bush, his administration, our troops in the field and our image as “one nation, under God.” It makes no sense to defeat ourselves in the process of all but handing ourselves over benignly to our enemies. Sure we hold ourselves to a higher standard than those barbarians we’re up against. But those standards of conduct apply—and show ONLY apply—in CIVIL discourse, not WAR!!! If we want to win this thing, we’re got to meet the challenges we face with AT LEAST equal force. To do otherwise is to surrender.

Our enemies have changed—make that ELIMINATED—any sense of propriety, rules or respect for humanity in their maniacal jihad against mankind. Until we realize that undeniable fact and respond accordingly, we are prolonging the plague and squandering what’s left of the American way of life for future generations.

Subjecting ourselves to rules our enemies ignore is setting ourselves up with an ironclad guarantee of failure. Any attempt to impose human rights constraints on our adversaries in the Global War on Terror is no different than trying to pet a rabid dog—the fact that you have no intention of hurting the dog in no way is going to prevent that rabid dog from biting you.

For a while there I thought this “fervor” over rules of engagement and the Geneva Conventions was just a libocrat ploy to dethrone the GOP. With that proving to be the mere tip of the iceberg, that makes the whole situation even more critical.

The time is long overdue to replace politics with PATRIOTISM!!! It’s time to stand behind the RED, WHITE and BLUE and do what it takes to crush our enemies before they crush us!!

RED in the blood we’re willing to SACRIFICE for our country
WHITE in our eyes focused on WINNING the War on Terror
BLUE in the skies over America that we MUST restore

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Lucy said...

Wow...that was some post! I know you needed to vent but my computer monitor started shaking a bit over that post!