Thursday, September 14, 2006


Oh, poor babies. Liberals/democrats are all a-titter over a little political fun poking. See what I mean by checking out the following link:,2933,213406,00.html

Irreverent?? Certainly. Politically incorrect? Unquestionably. Does it level the playing field?? Somewhat.

If liberals/democrats can get away with producing an inflammatory film depicting the assassination of President George W. Bush, then they’ve got no reason to complain about something that deals directly about issues that matter to the American public. In fact, the two concepts don’t even come close in comparison. Well, okay, maybe they’re both out there, but hate is more a theme in what the libocrats have in mind.

And, besides, it’s about time we conservatives/Republicans had an outlet to vent our frustrations and incredulity over stunts the libocrats have been pulling for far too long. The way I see it, there OUGHT to be a bounty on illegal immigrants. I’d even go so far as to dedicate a portion of my tax dollars to fund such a program…including a one-way ticket back across the border. Yes, I know not all illegal immigrants aren’t necessarily Mexican, but they make up the lion’s share. And, as one who HAS DONE a lot of the jobs they supposedly do because legitimate Americans won’t, it ought to be a matter of national pride and conscience. They don’t DESERVE to have those jobs, even if they work dirt-cheap. I shudder to think that, because of illegal immigration, Hispanics are soon to represent a majority of our population. Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves.

Furthermore, those top libocrats who are offered up as BB gun and paintball targets themselves have been taking highly visible pot shots at the non-libocrat administration with reckless abandon. At least cardboard targets are symbolic, not wishful assassination attempts, such as the caustic celluloid crap the libocrats are hoping to use to their advantage.

But, like most things done in haste, without a shred of truth or dignity, this, too, shall pass, and in disgraceful failure to boot. It’s fun, though, to watch them squirm when the shoe’s on the other foot.

Thank goodness for our freedom of speech, even when libocrats talk out of both sides of their mouths. It’s times like these that give me reassurance in what lies ahead. So, libocrats, welcome to the ranks of those of us living in the
Land of
(Targets of)


Kari said...

dangit I thought they were seriously offering a reward for catching illegals!

I think they should open a bounty system. At least on the ones who get rich dealing in trafficing them and drugs across the border.

It would make the Minutemen's jobs a bit easier.
I have nothing wrong with hispanics, (or any nationality) just come over here legally.

Lucy said...

Is that your word "libocrates"? I like that! You know my feelings on that assination movie....don't get me started!!!!! That movie is an OUTRAGE!!!!!

Donna said...

Once again, I love this blog!