Thursday, September 07, 2006


I consider it one of the greatest luxuries I’ve ever experienced and yet one I wonder if I’ll ever experience again. And it saddens me to think that our future generations may not ever even imagine it, much less experience it for themselves.

What am I talking about?

It’s all about waking up every morning without worrying whether some crazed fanatic with dynamite strapped to his chest is going to step into the street and blow me and who knows how many other innocent people to smithereens. It’s about looking into the sky and seeing planes flying overhead and not having the specter of 9/11 send a shudder of fear down my spine. It’s about feeling free to live my life without feeling the hatred of people who don’t know me but still want me dead.

We are in the midst of a chain reaction that, unchecked, will forever change not only the face of the earth but may result in the extinction of the human race. We victims are not the only innocent pawns in a game the outcome of which may soon be totally out of control. Will it be Iran? North Korea? Venezuela? Is there enough good in this world left to defeat the growing evil?

Rhetoric is not the answer. Playing by rules that the enemy does not follow assures them the upper hand, because playing nice when they play nasty undeniably stacks the deck against us. Allowing the media to undermine our war effort with propaganda, lies and innuendo is pure treason. If we’re serious about our freedom, our country and our way of life, let’s get serious about protecting them.

Winning the War on Terror is the ONLY ANSWER. Until the last terrorist is caught and brought to justice—and in memory of the thousands innocent American lives lost—let USA stand for

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