Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It’s time to rezone the real estate at First Avenue and 46th Street in downtown New York City. In case you’re wondering, that’s the address of the UN—that’s short for UTTER NONSENSE.

How can we provide a venue for the largest world body the majority of which to plot against us RIGHT IN OUR OWN FRONT YARD????

And what’s worse, how can we allow the president of a country so steeped in terrorism and with an atomic agenda to annihilate America into our midst?? By allowing this branded Axis of Evil-doer to set foot and walk freely within our borders is ludicrous! It’s insane! It flies in the face of our justifiable condemnation of the genocidal ties that bind Iran to the tentacles of terrorism that threaten our very existence!!

And Iran isn’t the Lone Ranger here, folks. There are countless other member states who openly conduct clandestine conspiratorial conclaves RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES. The United States of America is the proverbial irresistible force being met by the proverbial immovable object embodied by the UN. It’s no different than a bank president inviting in a group of known bank robbers to case the joint and then wondering how the bank got robbed.

If we dug deep enough, I am confident we would find that a substantial amount of ground work for the gamut of terrorist attacks we have suffered was laid under the roof and auspices of the UN. Doesn’t that seem a bit strange that we could even THINK of allowing such a thing to happen virtually in plain sight RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES???

We’ve been Mr. Nice Guy far too long and much to our own peril. Let some other country foot the bill and pay the price we’ve been paying for a while. I think it should have been written into the UN charter to rotate the venue ever so often as a matter of mutual responsibility. And since it wasn’t, I say we strongly “suggest” it NOW. I say we terminate the lease and put the property to a more peaceful, practical use. Even if we razed the buildings and left a vacant lot there it would prove to be as beneficial—and certainly less expensive in more than mere monetary terms—as it is right now.

About the only reason for allowing our enemies on our sovereign sacred soil would be so we could keep an eye on them to a certain extent and know their whereabouts at least as long as they’re here. But does that small benefit outweigh the potential harm to be plotted, put together and performed against us??? I think NOT!!

The way I see it, there is only one United Nation, and that’s US, the United States of America.


Kari said...

UN = Utter Nonsense

We sooo need to get out of there....

Lucy said...

I liked the bank robber analogy...very good!

Kari said...

Hope that link works for you... there is reason number 500kagillion why we need to get rid of the UN.
Chavez alone is reason number 500kagillion why we need to have open season on terrorist thugs.