Wednesday, September 06, 2006


That's what we've heard for a long time, since we were kids. You have to be tough, ruthless and willing to abandon your principles and convictions if you really really really want to win. Some (liberals, democrats and their ilk) would say that that is a bad thing. Depends on what you're trying to win. Like the War on Terror. Nice guys, in the liberal mold, would have us politely apologize for intruding into the Middle East, drop our weapons and turn tail and skedaddle back home like a Momma's boy.

I mean, who ever heard of extending rights and privileges we have earned through our own national blood, sweat and tears to those who want us wiped off the planet??!! Yet that's where we stand, and that's THE major obstacle to our success. You can't be Mr. Nice Guy and play by rules that the enemy scoffs at and uses to their own advantage. How hard is that to comprehend?? Must be pretty difficult for armchair generals in Congress who preach withdrawing from Iraq and bringing home the troops, as in one candidate's ad "to a hero's welcome" to finesse votes. How can you chicken out and be considered a hero?? Don't be hornswoggled!! Don't let the fancy dancers and slick talkers suck you in!!!

If we want to win this contentious War on Terror—and I believe, deep down, every single red-blooded American with an honest heart and sincere soul, let alone half a mind, wants us to win—we can’t keep turning the other cheek, backing down and treating our enemies like our best friends. We need to exert resolve, determination and might—not against ourselves—but against this cancer of humanity that will consume us unless we eradicate it once and for all!! Plain and simple. No need to over-analyze. No need to quibble. Larry the Cable Guy says it best: GIT-R-DONE!


Kari said...

There is no way we can back down now. If we do, we might as well throw our weapons into boston harbor and give ourselves back to the English crown because we will no longer be a free people.
We aren't kids on a playground, where once we get tired and bored we can pick up our toys and go home. We have to see this through.

Donna said...

Lets Roll enough said

Lucy said...

Anyone else who wants to fight us in the future will get the impression that if they wait long enough, we'll back down....we have to stay in.