Tuesday, September 12, 2006


To the average (if there is such a thing) American, the monotonous drone of liberals/democrats running for office is about as appealing as the boomboomboom of those ear busting, trunk filling loud speakers that are all the rage among the younger set. It’s a lame start if all you have going for you is bashing the current (albeit Republican) administration. It’s okay if you point out what’s wrong. But it doesn’t stop there. To be a contender, you have to have a plan. Naysaying is a non-starter and a quick ender in my book, and I consider myself among those fortunate enough to be deemed “average.”

Thanks to the liberals/democrats (heralded ever blindly/strongly by their pandering media) and their ilk, we know all too well what they claim is wrong with America. But do they have a ghost of an idea of how to make it better?? No, they’re too busy doing nothing more than trying to massacre the current office holders so they’ll be voted into office in what will amount to the perception of going with the “lesser of evils.” If they could only see themselves as we others see them: as rabid, repetitious rhetoriticians using worn-out phrases that have lost their significance because time and again it’s been shown that they’re just not true. A lie told a thousand times is still a lie.

There’s an old theory that says that if you hear something enough times you’ll begin to believe it’s true. Well, I think the liberals/democrats have proven that false. But that’s not to say they don’t still believe it themselves. And it’s like a disease. If you refuse to accept treatment (open eyes and ears, listen, think, evaluate), you’re bound to succumb to the smoke and mirrors, bold-faced lies, innuendo, propaganda and fantasy that’s in the very air we breathe. And it’s treatment that the liberals/democrats are convinced you won’t accept, so that you’ll surely catch what’s going around. And your weakened immune system (common sense, nationalism, global view) will numb your senses to the point where you’ll fall for their drivel, no matter how inane, incomprehensible or idiotic.

I’d give the liberals/democrats a break if they could just SHOW me what they would do. And, NO, I won’t accept the empty promise of “We’ve got a better way” unless they say even in general terms, much less specific ones, what that better way IS!! Short of that, they’re just pissin’ into the wind.

And you know what, I for one am with the wind on this one!


Lucy said...

What was sad was after the President spoke yesterday on TV to the nation, the Democrats said it was a political move. I bet that if he didn't speak, they would have found something wrong about that! The guy can't win!

Kari said...

No one seems to be able to win. That's the problem. We're being bombarded with whats wrong yet no one is offering any solutions that are feasable.